Community Clears Horse Ranch Under Palmer Fire Evacuation Order

Community Clears Horse Ranch Under Palmer Fire Evacuation Order


Yucaipa, CA

Rancher Bob Wise was looking forward to a well-deserved Saturday off, till the Palmer fire flamed in the distance.

"Pretty much a mess. I was going to be relaxed and we saw a fire and then they came and told us we had to evacuate. We couldn’t even go to a motel, neither of us had our wallets, our IDs, our credit cards or money to be very honest; we just moved out," recalled Wise of his Saturday afternoon.

But before fleeing the ranch, Wise needed to move 53 horses from Carriage Canyon Ranch, and quickly. That is when something incredible happened.

"A lot of people from the neighborhood, people I didn’t even know but knew of us, came with their trailers.  We hooked every trailer up to everything anyone came in with and we loaded them up and hauled them to different places," said Wise. 

"I just started helping," said Yucaipa Equestrian Center volunteer, Vanessa Register.  The display of neighborly love continued. "They came here with no food, no buckets, no water, in a strange place, and then people from Yucaipa donated bales of hay," said Register.

"We didn’t lose any horses and that the people are reuniting with their horses," said Register.

"The people who helped us were just phenomenal; they’re taking care of our horses for us," said Wise.

Wise picked up some of his horses from the horse evacuation center Sunday morning; all evacuation orders were lifted Sunday afternoon.