Local Heroes Come Home After Texas Deployment

Local Heroes Come Home After Texas Deployment


Riverside County, CA

A group of heroes are back in Riverside County after being deployed to Texas. They’re known as the Task Force 6, a water rescue group that went to help Hurricane Harvey victims. 

They spent a total of 13 days in Texas, going from city to city, with one goal in mind: to rescue as many people as they could. However, as David Hudson, one of the team members, told us, regardless of all of the training they had, nothing could have prepared them for this.

"First of all, we really didn’t know what we were getting into and then once we got there and saw the magnitude of it, I was kind of taken back by it, how much devastation there was."

Similarly, Task Force 6 leader, Jeff Delaurie, told us there’s a reason for that.

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"We don’t really train for that kind of situation. We train for small rescues, putting people in small boats, 14 foot boats and all of a sudden we have 2,200 people that are in an airport that need to be flown out. They have no other way to get out."

Plus, the standing water isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

"Flooding was so widespread it just made it difficult to get to the whole state and accomplish some of our missions."
"What we thought was going to be a water and rescue mission turned into a humanitarian mission."

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Nonetheless, the community’s willingness to help showed when the love and support came flooding in.

"What got me the most was how many volunteers from the area were there with their homes gone or their homes damaged and they spent all day, all night, helping us so we could help these people. Texans are truly amazing people and I am very impressed."

The take home message here is, no matter where you are, you should always be prepared.

"Have a lot of food, have a lot of water, have people that you can contact, stay away from moving water, stay away from standing water because you never know how deep it is…"