At Least 20 Tires Slashed in Desert Hot Springs

At Least 20 Tires Slashed in Desert Hot Springs


Desert Hot Springs, CA

Desert Hot Springs police said at least 20 tires were slashed overnight in Hacienda Heights. "The kids had said that the cars were damaged, so we came out here and checked and found that three of our cars had the tires slashed," said Amanda Carrillo, whose tires were slashed, in disbelief. 

Most cars parked on the street were targeted, but some tires were slashed in driveways as well. "My neighbor’s car was in the driveway. Two of the three vehicles at my house were also in the driveway," Carrillo said.

Neighbors said they are furious at the inconvenience. "My kids were late to school today because I had to come out here and change two tires before I could even drive them into Palm Springs," Carrillo explained.

The cost to replace the tires is a major burden for some. Joel Vega had three vehicles around his property slashed. "For one of my brother’s trucks, [the tires] are $500 each, so adding that up for two, that’s a lot of money out of your budget," Vega said about having to get new tires.

Vega said he believes whoever did this has not done it before. "I found a tiny slash on the tires, so it could of been a tiny pocket knife possibly, not anything big. It didn’t seem like it was someone who knew what they were doing," Vegas added.

Carrillo said she wants the tire slasher to know what they did was not right. "It’s inconsiderate and rude, and to have more respect for people’s things," she said.

The suspect could face felony charges. Police are looking for tips.