Thousands Attend Morongo Pow Wow

Thousands Attend Morongo Pow Wow


Morongo Valley, CA

The 27th annual Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow hosted by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians over the weekend.  More than 900 dancers shared the diversity of the Native American culture with the 25,000 who attend the event.

"Each dancer hand makes their own regalia. And they do it according to their tribal customs and use the appropriate colors.  The feathers represent their tribe," said Ray Huaute, the event coordinator. 

United States Marines front and center during the dancing.  "We have the highest amount of enlistees per capita than any other race so we’re very proud of our long legacy of serving our country," said Huaute.

Beyond the banging drums, hand-crafted artwork on display.  "This is a Kachina doll, hummingbirds represent our past and our future. It means a lot because they are something to be appreciated, that is handed down when a person buys it. It stays in their family along time, said an artisan.

"We roll them out, and roll them out a little bit bigger than a tortilla and it goes into the oil," explained another vendor, Terri Roman.  "This is an Indian taco and its got all the same stuff as a Mexican taco but its on Indian frybread. Indian frybread is what the Indians learned how to make when they were placed on the reservations. And the government issued flour, lard, oil and salt so they learned how to make this food.