Mother Who Nearly Lost Newborn and Son in Hit and Run Crash Wants Driver to Do the Right Thing

Mother Who Nearly Lost Newborn and Son in Hit and Run Crash Wants Driver to Do the Right Thing


Palm Springs, CA

Michelle Sanchez looks lovingly at her baby in the neonatal unit, while she can’t hold little Ezra because he’s so fragile, she feels blessed he’s alive, "I want to hold him forever."  

That’s because on Saturday, September 23, just before 8:00 o’clock at night, the family was on their way home from buying some baby clothes when an SUV hit their Jeep. It happened in Indio off of Oleander and Monroe. She was eight months pregnant.

"It happened so fast like a movie, I just remember we were talking and I saw the lights of the car flash at us and I remember yelling, ‘babe!’

She immediately turned around to check on her five-year-old son. He was bleeding. He was airlifted to a Riverside hospital with broken legs and a broken wrist.

The thought of him being without her broke her heart, "Well, I wasn’t there because he was by himself he had to be a brave little boy there was nobody there with him."

But she was in bad shape too, she was rushed to Desert Regional Medical Center. She had an emergency C-section. When the baby was born, he was put on life support and given a blood transfusion.

The staff at Desert Regional says the baby was in such bad shape, minutes made all the difference.

"Being born in that type of an environment where mom had a trauma … any you know glitch in that timing could have been bad and Ezra really needed a lot of care when he was first born he needed a lot of support and so the team was here and every moment was crucial so we’re really glad everything turned our just right," says Lori Wood, a clinical nurse specialist at Desert Regional Medical Center. 

Michelle says everyone who stepped in to help her family have been her angels but she owes the doctors and nurses in Riverside and Palm Springs her children’s lives, "They could have lost either one of them I’m just grateful and thankful that the doctors helped us."

On top of dealing with the trauma of the accident and having her children be in the hospital, Michelle was devastated to find out the driver who hit them took off running and didn’t even call for help.

"I want him to find it in his heart and if he’s seeing this or he knows about us just do the right thing do what you feel in your heart," she says through tears.

But if he doesn’t she says she has a lot to be thankful for and will focus on that, "God bless him either way, I don’t even know if he’s hurt you know, I wouldn’t … I don’t care about anything, I just care about my kids, I don’t care about any of that I’m just I’m thankful that my kids are alive."

The Indio Police Department says they’re looking for the male driver of a 1999 black, Ford Expedition, he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. They’re asking anyone with information about this accident to call them (760) 391-4057.