Local Woman Goes From Nearly Homeless to Living Her Dream Life and How You Can Too

Local Woman Goes From Nearly Homeless to Living Her Dream Life and How You Can Too


Palm Desert, CA

Lindsay Dam is living the life of her dreams. She has a beautiful son, she’s passionate about her job and she’s about to move to her dream place, Kauai. But she says there have been times in her life that were dark. 

"There was one week where I had to leave my groceries at the grocery store checked and bagged because my food stamps hadn’t come through. I could barely hold my head up as I walked out of the grocery store. I sat in my car and bawled my eyes out," she says adding that during that period her father died and she had recently had a baby as a result of a sexual assault, "and it really did take me to a really dark spot." 

So dark she says she forgot about her dream life, "I wouldn’t let myself dream about it because I was like, ‘there’s no way that can happen.’" 

But she says she made a choice to turn it into an empowering time and changed her life.

Lindsay believes anyone going through a rough patch can do the same, "In getting to the next level where we’re going to in life we’re going to be stretched, we’re going to in life we’re going to be stretched emotionally, we’re going to be stretched mentally and that’s just to prepare us for the good that’s to come so we have a choice, right, we can choose to get on that anger train or that depressed train or we can choose to acknowledge that it’s there and let it go by versus getting on it." 

She says she began to focus on her dream again and made changes by purging things and thoughts that were holding her back while living her purpose to help others do the same, "Because when I’m in my purpose I feel so much passion and joy and the work that I do just emanates that."

While she mostly works with women, Lindsay says the steps she took in her life can help anyone, "Hold on to the vision no matter what happens or what you’re trudging through in that moment because that’s going to see you through to the other side," adding that even a small change can make a difference, "Change your environment what can you do right now to change your environment, maybe just rearranging the furniture to get some more flow or decrease clutter.

Lindsay says it’s also important to take stock of the people around you, "Release negative people from your life when we hang out with people who are very negative that can drive negative thoughts for ourselves."  

But she says that sometimes taking that first step can be scary so when you sense fear kicking in as you’re about to take a leap of faith ask yourself, "Are your desires for your dream life greater than your fears?" 

But she says you can’t start on the journey of living your dream life without making a choice, "Ultimately you have all the power you have the choice you can choose for your life to continue the way it is now or you can choose right now to make it different."