Sneaky Package Thief Caught On Camera

Sneaky Package Thief Caught On Camera


Desert Hot Springs, CA

A home in Desert Hot Springs has been targeted by criminals for a second time. It also happened on the same street where more than 20 tires were slashed over 2 weeks ago.  This time the home owners said they caught a package thief on camera. 

"It’s disconcerting. You like to feel that you’re safe in your home. You like to feel that your stuff is safe in your home," said Brian Woodyard, whose package was stolen.  "We had the individual waltz up to our front porch, and casually waltz off with our package," he said.

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Woodyard said the surveillance shows the thief checking out his home.  "He drove by the house. He drove back around, and he backed up and parked, got out and walked on up to the front door," he added. He said the package contained a few blankets, but the fact that this is the second time thieves have stopped by is what has him shaken up.

A few months ago burglars took thousands of dollars worth of belongings from his home. "They stole your typical items, jewelry, things like that, things that can’t be replaced because they were handed down," he said. 

Woodyard said the thief took more than just a few blankets, he took away his sense of safety. "If you open the door at the time, what are you going to face in that circumstance?" he said. He hopes someone will recognize the man in the surveillance video and turn him in.