Soldier Homecoming at Desert Hot Springs Football Game

Soldier Homecoming at Desert Hot Springs Football Game


Desert Hot Springs, CA

An emotional surprise homecoming at a Desert Hot Springs football game.  Following the national anthem, the game announcer asked Nathan gross to turn around. Nathan’s uncle, Army Private First Class Tristin Martinez emerged from the announcer’s booth. The pair ran to greet each other on the field as the crowd cheered. 

"My family were worried about him," said fourth grader, Nathan Goss. "It kills us whether he’s gone short distance or he’s traveling on the road. There is always that worry that you have and its never going to go away," said Nathan’s mother, Monique Goss. 

"You miss a lot of things. So just the little things itself make up for it. It just makes you proud to see my nephew is doing something being productive," said Martinez.

For this family, there was no better place for their hero’s homecoming than on the gridiron. "We have shouting and if we’re not winning, things get tough," said Martinez. 

On Sunday, a soldier’s surprise was the real rush.  "I make sure everyone knows my brother is in the army; I’m really proud of him," said Monique Goss.