Trio Restaurant To Reopen

Trio Restaurant To Reopen


Palm Springs, CA

A popular restaurant in palm springs will open tomorrow after a mysterious fire shut it down.We reached out to the fire marshal, and over a month later, he still says it’s an ongoing investigation. Tony Marchese, the owner of the Trio restaurant says he’s been trying to get the restaurant open for the last two months; and he told us two months is a really long time when you have workers and loyal customers who are counting on you.

“We have 60 staff so it’s hard that people have been out of jobs. but thankfully we have almost everybody back."

Staff members, Like Robert Munguia, were also shocked that this project kept dragging on.

“I don’t think anyone really expected for it to be closed for two months. People were thinking maybe it would be closed for a month and everything would be fine. Then, as the weeks went on and they kept pushing back the days, it just got harder and harder..”

Still, as Tony puts it, everyone was hoping for the best.

“We’re starting to set up the tables, all the construction and painting and all that stuff is being done and the staff is setting up the room.

A room that will have a new look and a new menu.

“We went through the menu and did some changes…a little re-birthing of everything.”

Tony says he couldn’t be more grateful for the support that he’s gotten from the community throughout this long process…

“Somebody goes, you open on Tuesday, i’ll be there.  They’re so excited, so I’m excited that everyone’s excited because we were closed for two months.You never know, but we’re palm springs eats you have to come back.”

Trio will officially reopen it’s doors tomorrow morning at 11 and it happens to be prime rib Tuesday, so, tony is expecting a lot of people to come through those doors.