Local’s Vegas Birthday Celebration Nearly Turned Deadly

Local’s Vegas Birthday Celebration Nearly Turned Deadly


Las Vegas, NV

A family from Indio was ready for a good time, celebrating Jodie Osisanya’s birthday in Las Vegas, at the Route 91 Country Music Festival is a family tradition.

"We had such a great time we were going to go out after the show to celebrate my birthday at midnight," says Jodie. They were enjoying the last set by Jason Aldean when they heard loud bangs. They thought they were part of the show. "My mom said, ‘Oh it’s fireworks, I see smoke!’"

By the time they realized they were gunshots, one of their friends had been shot, but could still walk. They tried to make a run for it, when the bullets stopped. "All of a sudden I feel something and drop to thee floor I can’t move my legs," says Jodie’s brother Michael Caster. "My brother was still on the ground and I didn’t even know he had gotten hit," says Jodie.

They all work at Eisenhower Medical Center, they knew they needed to get Michael to the hospital. But when they went out to get help they weren’t allowed back in because bullets were still flying. Now alone, Michael’s girlfriend Tawny Temple was putting pressure on his wound but he was going in and out of consciousness. She knew she needed to get him out of there or he would die. 

"I as like screaming at people running by I as like, ‘call 911, do something,’ and everybody’s like ‘Leave they’ll come back and get him," but she refused to leave him there, Tawny then managed to get strangers to carry him out to a table then to a nearby hotel, then flagged down another stranger’s car and they drove them to the hospital.

"Tawny stayed with my brother she was really a hero," says Jodie. "She’s amazing the most important person to me she wouldn’t give up on me," says Michael.

And despite this being the worst night of their lives, they know there are others that have it so much worse. "I’m so sorry for their loss and this shouldn’t have happened to anybody," says Jodie through tears. The birthday celebration did end up being a celebration of life, just not the way they expected.  "So blessed, so, so blessed I’m so happy he made it," says Jodie.

Michael has a long of recovery ahead, he has shrapnel in his spinal cord and his friend is still in intensive care. The familiy set up a GoFundMe account to pay for Michael’s medical expenses.  Click Here to help: Help Michael Caster