Palm Springs City Council To Review Latest Plans On Indian Canyon Drive

Palm Springs City Council To Review Latest Plans On Indian Canyon Drive


Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs City Council on Wednesday night will review the latest plans that would make Indian Canyon Drive a two-way street.

"Making Indian Canyon two-ways, if we can do it with outside funding from the county and the state, it will provide pedestrian safety, driver safety and improve all those business on Indian Canyon, helping our economy and local business that need our help and deserve our support," said Palm Springs City Councilman Geoff Kors.

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Those who live in Palm Springs say driving around downtown can be a headache.

"I weave around. I go the back roads through old Las Palmas or Indian Canyon but I weave around. Or Gene Autry. I just do everything to stay away from downtown," said Palm Springs resident Wonnie Short.

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The plan is to create a single southbound lane with two northbound lanes and a traffic median from Alejo Road to Ramon Road. Parking would still be available on both sides of the street and business owners seem to like the idea.

"I think it will bring more people in because a lot of the time, people can’t find parking even though we’re next to a parking structure, people want to park right in front," said business owner Joseph Garcia. 

Some say the project will help to keep things a little safer …  

"We always, everyday, we see cars coming and going the wrong way," said Matt Zambrano who works on Indian Canyon Drive.