Xavier College Prep Athletics announces addition of boys’ volleyball

Xavier College Prep Athletics announces addition of boys’ volleyball


Palm Desert, CA

Xavier Prep announced the addition of a CIF approved boys’ volleyball program today to go down in history as the first Desert Valley League program. Xavier Prep and Palm Valley School are now the only in two schools in the desert to have a program. All Xavier Prep sports are student driven and Athletic Director Mark Campbell says boys have been pushing for a volleyball program for some time.

"This last spring they went to Coach Allen and really pressed on her this is something they really want,” Campbell explained. “She came to me and said, ‘I’m in, this is something the kids want, what’s it going to take?’, so we sat down, figured it out, and decided this is something that our school needs as well as something our community and specifically our male athletes are really excited for."

"I think it’s exciting,” Saints head volleyball coach Natalie Allen said. “Especially for Xavier having another boys’ volleyball program because I think it’s coming up the pipeline. I think it’s the next big sport out here. So, I think it’s going to be really good for this school to have a boys’ volleyball team."

Xavier Prep boys’ volleyball is set to begin their inaugural season this spring with 8 games already scheduled. They will not be competing in a specific league but don’t be surprised if more DVL schools start adding boys volleyball.