KMIR Cares: Seniors Offering Shelter

KMIR Cares: Seniors Offering Shelter


Coachella Valley Region

Studies have proven pets add more than just companionship in our lives. They can actually make us feel better, lower our blood pressure, and add exercise to our schedules with daily walks and activities. 

But what if the long-term commitment or costs make your dream of having a sweet Fido or Fluffy at home impossible? Enter Loving All Animals and their SOS!

Around the offices at Loving All Animals, SOS means something completely different from what you might think! Here it means Seniors Offering Sheltering.

Dogs and cats needing homes get the benefit of a loving environment and the foster families don’t have to pay a thing, and the love rewards are priceless! Hundreds of Valley residents have fostered since the program started four years ago and hundreds of pets have learned to love.

The bonus? The pets arrive sparkling clean! It’s a win-win situation if there ever was one!

Although the program was created for seniors, age is not a factor. It was originally tailored for those on limited incomes and with other restrictions, but everyone is welcome to reach out to these deserving forever friends!