Students Have Fun While Learning Lifesaving Skills During Fire Prevention Week

Students Have Fun While Learning Lifesaving Skills During Fire Prevention Week


Palm Desert, CA

What should you do if you wake up to a smoke detector alarm and a room filled with smoke? Thanks to Cal Fire’s Fire Prevention Week Muster, third graders from Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Palm Desert know what to do.

This program is celebrating its 25th year. It was brought here by the Historical Society of f Palm Desert. 

Cal Fire set up different activities at Freedom Park that teach children skills that may save their lives during a fire. 

"You’re going to go feel the door with the back of your hand and do not touch the door knob, the door’s hot. Are we going to open it?" says a firefighter to children sitting inside a mock bedroom adding, "no way what’s on the other side?" 

The children answer, "Fire!" 

Then they pump smoke into it the firefighter instructs the children to stay "low and go out the window". 

Cal Fire has hundreds of firefighters battling fires raging across California destroying everything in their paths, including lives. The wind driven fires have grown so quickly it brings home this year’s theme: Every Second Counts.

"Every second counts, every second counts and some of those people didn’t have but a couple minutes notice that their houses were filling with smoke they were on fire we need to be prepared for any kind of a disaster and that’s really the critical message that we’re sending home with these kids and it spurs the parents into thinking about it too," says Battalion Chief Rick Griggs adding that not knowing what to do can lead to panic, "the time of the disaster or the emergency is not when you want to learn how to deal with it so make a plan for your family, have a map of your house, know how to get out of everywhere, twice a year have fire drills in your home."

Having a plan, being ready to get out in minutes can save your life.

This Saturday, October 14, 2017, Cal Fire stations will be hosting open houses from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m..