Xavier Prep Girls Volleyball Dominate Stat Charts in DVL

Xavier Prep Girls Volleyball Dominate Stat Charts in DVL


Palm Desert, CA

With roughly two weeks left of DVL volleyball play, there’s no telling who is going to win the league as teams are in a tie for first and second place. But when you look at league stat leaders, one team stands out from the rest. Xavier College Prep. The only team in DVL standings with three different athletes leading in three different categories:

Hannah Tschetter in assists (216)
Golden Hinchen in service aces (39)
Jenna Braun in digs (272) 

Then when you look at Xavier Preps overall teams stats, Hinchen and Braun are the only ones leading the team in two different categories. Hinchen in service aces (39) and attacking (121) and Braun in digs (272) and serve receiving (246).

"I just think all of us working as a team and really trusting one another as a team," says Hinchen

"Um I feel like just the trust that we all have together just makes us trust one another and I feel like when you have trust on the court like it really helps you vibe and get along," says Braun

When asked, "You are currently leading in kills, what goes through your mind when you go up for a great set?" Hinchen replied, "really kill the ball like really just be aggressive all the time. That really helps."

"Also you’re leading in service aces, that’s a tough job to go back there in crucial situations and to even get the ball over the net, how do you do it?" Hinchen says, "keeping everyone that’s in the stands out and really staying focused with the game."

Speaking to Braun, "You are leading in digs and serve receiving, a spike can’t happen without a set and a set can’t happen without a dig and thats where you come in, you really anchor in the back row, and have been able to help your team have all this success so that being said what do you think is so special about being a libero?"

"I honestly have to give credit to my front row, we have amazing blockers on our team and it just makes my job so much easier but I just love being aggressive and trying to get up every single ball that I can and throwing my body on the floor is honestly fun and I love playing libero," says Braun.