President Trump Wax Figure Unveiled at Famous Museum

President Trump Wax Figure Unveiled at Famous Museum


President Trump made a surprise appearance in Berlin, Germany Tuesday…sort of.

The wax statue makers at world famous Madame Trussauds have unveiled their latest creation. A life-size wax likeness of President Trump. It was debuted at Madame Trussauds in Berlin Tuesday.

The statue showcases some of the President’s more recognizable features such as his trademark hairstyle and popular "thumbs up" hand gesture.

A spokeswoman for Madame Trussauds Berlin says the decision to replicate the President in the wax was due to the amount of requests they were getting from museum visitors. Adding that Mr. Trump has been at the top of the list for about the last 14 months.

The wax statue was developed in cooperation with the White House and the museum dedicated 16 wax artists to the project. The White House supplied the museum with measurements and consulted with them on things such as wardrobe and posture.

When asked by a reporter if the museum worries about vandalism or theft of such a globally notable figure, the spokesperson said they are not adding extra security measures and nothing has ever happened to any of their wax figures…even the controversial ones.

As far as museum placement, Mr. Trump’s figure stands facing a smiling former President Barack Obama.