KMIR Cares: Palm Springs Preservation Foundation


Palm Springs, CA

Modernism week in February is one of our community’s most anticipated and popular events. So popular in fact, they’ve added a fall preview. The classic architecture on display needs great care though.

This weekend you can experience some of the most historic and treasured architecture Palm Springs has to offer. But, did you every wonder – how have these iconic structures stood the test of time? How have they survived in such pristine condition after so many decades? Enter groups like the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation who have made it the mission to save our world renowned Palm Springs style!

Founded in 1997 by local concerned citizen, the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation believed we really needed to preserve our iconic desert architecture. But saving some of our classic sites like the old El Mirador Hotel Tower built in 1927, Enco Gas Station built in 1963, and the Welwood Murray Memorial Library built in 1940. It’s not easy, but it’s also not cheap.

This weekend you too can witness the style and luxury lifestyle some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and the next time you view a great mid-century roof line or a Spanish tiled patio, you can thank the folks who work so hard preserving the iconic structures that make our Desert community so special.