KMIR Cares: Coachella Valley Horse Ranch

KMIR Cares: Coachella Valley Horse Ranch


Indio, CA

High in the hills above Indio sits an oasis for horses. Abandoned horses, abused horses, horse earmarked for slaughter, and for the past 50 years, they’ve found refuge thanks to the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue.

These beautiful animals find shelter, love, and nurturing by Annette Garcia and Dave Dimero and a committed group of dedicated Valley volunteers. They’re fed, groomed, exercised, and ridden by those who value the special bond. But perhaps no one appreciates the unique relationship more than the newest recruits thanks to a new program that matches the rescue horses with local veterans.

The vets train with rescued horses, building confidence and trust. There are drills and exercises which develop inner strength. The benefits for veteran and horse are immeasurable.

The Heroes and Horses program is held Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 8pm.