Golf Club and Cat Rescue Worried During Desert Hot Springs Fire

Golf Club and Cat Rescue Worried During Desert Hot Springs Fire


As fire ripped through dry brush and shrubs on 20th Street in Desert Hot Springs on Tuesday night people were worried about a beloved cat rescue just down the street, Kittyland. 

Jeannette Patocskai, the assistant director of the non profit  was shaken, "I get emotional because I think about what could have happened," adding she could see the smoke from her home in Cathedral City because of the winds the fire was growing quickly. Jeanette and caring cat lovers took action, "the fire was huge it was yes we were scared, we hurried up here and all of a sudden people started coming to help, we had a van full of carriers and we were ready to evacuate."

Meanwhile a lot closer to the flames, Jose Rivera, the manager of the Desert Dunes Golf Club was worried too, "It really grew within a matter of 10, 15 minutes it had completely taken over the entire desert … we were scared there for a little bit."

And golfers were happily surprised the club was open on Wednesday.

Phil Dittmar, a member of the club says golfing was different with firefighters and firetrucks all around them, "They were still working out there this morning when we were golfing … that was weird but I guess the weirdest was when I was watching it on television … could tell or recognize the palm trees that were burning and I knew where they were on the course."

Jose and Jeannette say firefighters and community really came through.

"I just want to thank the first responders coming out they came out really fast we’re really fortunate to have them around," said Jose.

"There were so many people we didn’t even know on Facebook that said you can come here … we were very warmed by that it was amazing," says Jeannette.