Pete Carlson’s Student-Athlete of the Week: Akemi Von Scherr

Pete Carlson’s Student-Athlete of the Week: Akemi Von Scherr


La Quinta, CA

KMIR and Pete Carlson’s Golf & Tennis have teamed up to name a "Athlete of the Week" every Thursday Night. La Quinta sophomore Akemi Von Scherr takes the title this week with her speed.

As a freshman, Akemi Von Scherr made a name for herself in cross country. She was crowned DVL MVP and finished 12th in CIF state finals.

"I actually like being kind of the younger one in the group because they’re kind of like ‘Oh well she’s just a thirteen-year-old running these meets with us like fifteen year olds’, I don’t know it’s kind of cool." Akemi said.

Young is a word used often when describing Akemi’s career as she grew up in a running family.

"Started when they were young, probably three or four, just as kids, you know, innocent, run around with dad and stuff," Akemi’s father Mike Von Scherr explained, "It’s just progressed from there."

"I used to try and catch up with him but now that I’ve gotten faster and everything, he’s been having to ride his bike because I think he’s a little too slow to stay up with me," Akemi laughed, "But it’s okay, he’s still doing good."

"She destroys me," Akemi’s father said. "It’s not even close, I can’t even do a mile pace with her."

She’s destroying her competition too. Now a sophomore, Akemi currently has the 25th fastest time in the state clocking in at sixteen-minutes and fifty-one seconds.

"I feel like running is definitely a way of life for me to let go of all of my school work and all the stress," Akemi explained, "It really helps me with swimming and everything as well."

Akemi is just as good in the water as on land. She is a nationally ranked swimmer and member of the water polo team. Being the multi-talented athlete she is at such a young age, Akemi is shooting for the stars.

"My ultimate dream is to be in the Olympics because I’m actually Japanese and the 2020 Olympics is in Japan,so it would be cool to make it," Akemi explained, "So that’s my ultimate dream, to be in the Olympics one day."