Power Is Back On In Idyllwild

Power Is Back On In Idyllwild


Idyllwild, CA

Power is back on in Idyllwild today after a dark night in town. People there were very excited that the power is back on, given that they spent over a day without it after SoCal Edison shut it down as a precautionary measure because of strong winds in that area.

Which means, as Dean Mohyieddeen, the owner of Mountain Top Liquor described, it was a night filled with angst.

“We kinda panicked the first half an hour.”

It was also a lonely morning in Idyllwild, according to Peter Harrington.

“I had no idea that there was a power outage so when I pulled up it was like a ghost town here.”

Empty parking spaces and countless closed signs on storefronts filled the town.

“I’ve never seen it like this before. Everything is closed."

Everything except for the businesses that had generators, but at just after noon, the power started to trickle back in to the shops. Shop owner Shelly Mckay told us that this isn’t the first time she’s been left without power in Idyllwild."

“If you live in the mountains long enough it’s just something you kind of expect.”

Sasha lost her home four years ago during the mountain center fire, and says SoCal Edison made the right call to turn off the power.

“I would rather lose a day of business than see an entire town or more homes being burned down.”

She also says the change of pace is pretty refreshing.

“It’s kind of fun, it slows everybody down. We spent our whole day with our family yesterday and sat by the fire and hung out and it puts things into perspective. That you can slow down for a little bit and it’s humbling.”

Now, it’s back to the daily mountain grind.

“It’s business as usual, and we’re going to open up and do our thing and move on…

Both the warming center and the Riverside County Emergency Operations Center are both closed.