Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Qayz Nurani

Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Qayz Nurani


Palm Desert, CA

KMIR and Pete Carlson’s Golf & Tennis have teamed up to name a "athlete of the week" every Thursday night.Originally from Canada, it’s no surprise Qayz Nurani is a hockey player.

"I started when I was two and it’s just been in my life every since." Qayz said.

But what may surprise you is this fast and talented hockey player has cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung disease.

"It’s like asthma but on steroids I guess," Qayz explained. "I have to take, I don’t know, like twenty pills a day to make up for that."
Creating a day-to-day regimen.

"Qayz does daily treatments of physiotherapy, then we have different medications he’s on,  as well as the physical exercise." Qayz’s mom Salima Nurani said. "Keeping him in good shape is a really big part of his treatment plan."

Moving to the desert also helped.

"It’s really good air for me," Qayz said. "My lung function is now one-hundred-and-six percent of the normal lung function, which is awesome. I started at seventy percent, my lung collapsed when I was a kid."

"He’s just a fighter," Qayz’s mom said. "He’s just one of those kids who get knocked around and gets right back up again."

He doesn’t want any special attention.

"He’s a great young man, very coachable, dedicated to his sport, dedicated to his teammate," Palm Springs Unified Rams Head Coach Steve Lee explained. "Just an overall really nice young man to be a part of our organization."