Safety of “Big Brother”?

Safety of “Big Brother”?


La Quinta, CA

Security is at the top of the list for the La Quinta city council. In fact they want to install hundreds of cameras across the city to make it a safer place but, some people say that’s not a good idea. Now, the question for some becomes, safety or “big brother,” but councilman Robert Radi, who’s behind the plan, says the goal is to help police and ensure peace in the city.

“This is not to invade anyone’s privacy. This is to again add a layer of security.”

Hundreds of security cameras could soon keep watch over the city of La Quinta.

“This is a way to see how technology works within the parameters of public safety, policing, and first responders.

However, while some people, like Dorothy Azer, thinks this it’s pretty normal…

“No, it doesn’t bother me a bit.. I’m used to it, I’m used to city life, I’m used to all the cameras."

Others, like La Quinta resident  Eulalia Dominguez, says no way.

“No, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anybody checking me at all times."

Justin Hendrix, another La Quinta resident, shares those sentiments.

“I clearly am adamantly against what I perceive to be a super invasion of privacy and I don’t do anything illegal activities…but what I do, should not be for anyone to peak in on…

 La Quinta’s violent crime rate is 53% lower than the California average, but the property crime rate is 4% higher than the state. These cameras would help police see what’s going on. Major intersections and public parks will be on the table, but As Concilman Radi says, it will come with restrictions.

"Obviously we don’t want these to be in residential streets, we don’t want them to be invasive."

These cameras come with a heavy price tag.

“If you you want to go city wide, that would approximately be 2.5 million dollars.”

The La Quinta city council has taken several surveys asking the community how they feel about the security plan. 83% of the community was in favor, but of course, there are still many things that have to be flushed out before the plan is voted on.