Los Angeles Becomes One Big Holiday Traffic Mess

Los Angeles Becomes One Big Holiday Traffic Mess


Los Angeles, CA

If you’re heading out to Los Angeles for Christmas, you may want to wait until tomorrow, at least. Holiday travel madness is upon us and Los Angeles is no exception to that. Nevertheless, while today is the worst day to drive through LA, people are also having problems with holiday traffic here in the desert.

Auto Club Spokesperson Doug Shupe tells us that about 8.2 million Southern California residents are getting ready to take off for the holidays. In fact, 666,000 will be flying to their destinations 7.2 million people taking a road trip this holiday season, and then 263,000 are taking a different form of transportation like a cruise, a train, or even a bus. This, is certainly an increase from last year.

“What we’ve seen is a strong economy and stronger consumer confidence which is really fueling travel all year long.”

Something that Chase and Holly Cornelius have experienced here in the desert.

“We were really surprised at how long it took to get places, 15 miles for us is 15 minutes and here it would be 45 minutes to get somewhere but we’ve been in vacation mode so we’ve taken our time regardless of the traffic. So, we’ve definitely noticed it can get pretty intense at time…”

Nevertheless, even though you may be vacationing, Tom Nolan, the Executive Director for the Palm Springs International Airport, says it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. He recommends arriving to the airport at least 90 minutes before the plane is due for takeoff.