Cathedral City Wrestling Program Creates Opportunities for Athletes

Cathedral City Wrestling Program Creates Opportunities for Athletes


Cathedral City, CA

High school sports provide many positive benefits to students. At Cathedral City High School, the girls wrestling program is not only improving lifestyles, it’s creating better futures.

Some kids join high school sports for the love of the game, and some join to…well…get out of gym class.

"Well I needed to join a sport because I didn’t want to do PE and so I was thinking of a sport to do and I just joined wrestling," says Senior Britney Garmica. Then there’s kids who join for an outlet.

"Before I wasn’t doing really well, I was failing my classes and I wasn’t doing that good," says Senior Alejandra Galiindo. But little did these kids know how much their lives would change.

"My coach started helping me pick up my grades, I started staying in the house more," says Galiindo. Or how they could change a program. "It’s been really cool. It’s changed a lot. Because my first year I was the only girl on the team and like now we have a full girls team so it’s like really crazy to me."

And now their futures have changed for the better. "I will be accepting a full ride scholarship and it’s going to be in Oregon," says Galiindo.

"I have two offers to Montana and Oregon and I’m still thinking about it. I just want to look more into it but I’m excited to have an opportunity to continue wrestling," says Garmica.

Thanks to the support and guidance of Lions Head Coach Jody Davis. "We have girls who are able to go to college and really get out of the valley for the first time and that’s being provided through wrestling," says Davis.

"When I started wrestling I never thought I would get an opportunity to continue after school. To be able to get a free education and do something that I love at the same time. it blows my mind still. I don’t know. I just hope that this inspires other girls to get into wrestling and you never know what you can get out of it," says Garmica.