Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Mariah Godinez

Pete Carlson’s Athlete of the Week: Mariah Godinez


Coachella, CA

Since she was 7-years-old, Mariah Godinez, the left wing for Coachella Valley High School girls’ soccer, has been kicking around a soccer ball.

"Before soccer, I actually did cheer and dance. I didn’t enjoy that, it wasn’t my thing, I just love soccer," she says.

Mariah’s talent and love for soccer has shined through the Coachella Valley High School soccer program since she was a freshman. "I’ve been practice day and night and practicing extra hours here," she says.

Now a senior, she’s seeing all of her hard work pay off. "I actually got the record of 50 goals tying with Alloundra, and that record was broken 5 years ago, and I have achieved it with the help of my team," she says.

Mariah surpassed the record Wednesday night, scoring 3 goals against Twentynine Palms. But she’s not stopping there. "I’m trying to get to 82." And out of all the numbers why 82? She says, "because I like the number 82 and it’s pretty high and it’ll set another goal for this generation and the generation after me to try and beat."

Head Soccer Coach Francisco Morales says, "her work ethic, her energy, and I mentioned she shares a lot of that energy and work ethic so they push each other. She’s an example of what we’ve been able to produce in work ethic and attitude."

For Mariah, nothing beats the feeling after scoring a goal. "When I score, I point up for my Neno and Nena and my grandpa because their not hear anymore, but I do it for them and I do it for her. I hope in the future, I can help bring up more generations to come here and have the same motivation I did to break this record."

Mariah is simply kicking for the stars saying, "Hopefully I’ll go pro, I want to play for Team USA, whoo!"