Parachutist Who Died in Perris Identified

Parachutist Who Died in Perris Identified


Perris, CA

A skydiver killed when he slammed into the roof of a Perris home, reportedly following a midair collision with another parachutist, was identified Tuesday as a 27-year-old Canadian man.

Aime-Jean St. Hilaire-Adam of Calgary died about 3 p.m. Monday in the 200 block of Caldera Street, near Goetz Road, just south of Perris Valley Airport. “The FAA is investigating this,” agency spokesman Ian Gregor told City News Service. “Our investigators generally focus on whether the parachute was properly packed (in accordance with) parachuting regulations.”

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According to witnesses, Hilaire-Adam was taking part in a group jump, using a so-called “wingsuit,” when he collided with another skydiver, knocking the victim unconscious. He did not pull the ripcord on his main chute, though his reserve chute deployed as he drew closer to the ground, witnesses said.

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Hilaire-Adam apparently never regained consciousness before dropping hard onto the roof of the house, whose occupants were not hurt. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by Riverside County Fire Department paramedics.

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Perris Valley Airport has an active skydiving academy, and jumps in the vicinity of the airport are routine. In good weather, most commercial and recreational air traffic is routed away from the space within three or four miles of the field to prevent conflicts.

Three parachuting exercises, not including the latest one, have resulted in fatalities there over the last five years.