Former Sunline Employee Claims He Was Fired Unfairly

Former Sunline Employee Claims He Was Fired Unfairly


Desert Hot Springs, CA

Former SunLine employee, Daryn LaVoie claims that SunLine fired him unfairly. Now, the question boils down to safety over sympathy. Daryn LaVoie says he talked to SunLine at least three times because of the situation he found himself in; he knew he couldn’t have his cell phone out while he was driving, but  (at the time) his father was given 8 days to live. All Daryn wanted was to be able to pull over, and talk to his dad in his final moments.

“They had no compassion at all. they passed a rule, an electronics rule in October that stated that any electronic device was not theirs needed to be stowed away in a box. At that time, my father whom was 77 years old had been diagnosed with 8 days to live.”

Daryn says he was willing to cooperate with policy but kept running into walls.

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“I approached them three times, and they basically failed to provide me any other way to have my mom call me or be able to get a hold of me when my dad passed.”

So, he did what he thought was best.

“I just had it on my hip, and whenever i’d get out of the seat, i would reach for it and use it.”

Now Daryn has to face two things, the loss of his job and his dad. And while he’s left wondering why he got fired, SunLine says the answer is simple, Safety first.”

KMIR reached out to SunLine and while they weren’t willing to go on camera, they provided me with this statement saying in part:

In compliance with the California vehicle code 23125, it is a violation of the law to operate a transit vehicle while using a cellular telephone or device, and that safety is their number one priority."

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Daryn says he understands this policy, but believes he would have been more distracted without the phone, given the circumstances.

“Well for me not having my phone of would have been more distracting than having it because at the time i was wondering whether or not i was going to miss that call.”

Meanwhile, while Daryn wouldn’t mind getting his job back, his main goal right now is to make sure that SunLine starts to hear out their employees and takes their personal circumstances into consideration.