Set Your Alarm for a Rare Lunar Trifecta

Set Your Alarm for a Rare Lunar Trifecta


Palm Springs, CA

People around the West Coast are setting their alarms before sunrise Wednesday, to experience a rare cosmic event that NASA is calling the Super Blue Blood Moon. 

Astronomy Professor, Mario De Leo-Winkler at the University of California, Riverside, said having three lunar events happening at the same time is extremely rare.

He said, "Having a super moon, blue moon, blood moon at the same time I haven’t found any records of it or any kind of calculation of when it is going to happen again."

De Leo-Winkler explains a "supermoon" is when the moon is closer to Earth and can appear up to 14% bigger, but during Wednesday, "The moon is going to be 6% bigger than usual."

Then there is a "blue moon", when there is more than one full moon in a month. 

And that leaves the "blood". 

"Refers to the reddish hue that a moon gets in a total lunar eclipse," De Leo-Winkler said.

And Californians are in a prime location to see the total lunar eclipse.

Bob Victor is a retired astronomy professor from Michigan State University. He now lives in Palm Springs, he said he is setting his alarm to catch a front row seat of the moon. 

Victor said "It will take a little over an hour before the eclipse become total at 4:52 AM."

And being that it is a lunar eclipse and not a solar, Victor said there’s no need for eye protective gear. 

He said, "You need a solar filter, it is only moon light and even the full moon you can look at it safely."

Victor said some of the best viewing locations are in the northern and eastern Coachella Valley, he said the further from the desert mountains the better and longer view of the Super Blue Blood Moon. pa