Girls Wrestling Team Narrowly Claims Fundraising Money

Girls Wrestling Team Narrowly Claims Fundraising Money


Indio, CA

A local high school girls wrestling team is breathing a sigh of relief tonight after some confusion about money they raised at a fundraiser.

The girls on the wrestling team at Shadow Hills High School wanted to raise some money.

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"The money goes towards team registration, hotel stays, food, mats cleaner, mat tape. Our team needs a lot," said Shadow Hills High School wrestling team assistant coach Cristina Garcia. 

And the team needs to keep their eye on the prize.

"We try to do as much as we can because I don’t want these girls to worry about money. I want them to worry about wrestling," Garcia said.

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So they made a deal with Yogurtland in Indio to get a percentage of the sales on December 14th, advertising the date with friends and family.

"I went there to turn in paper work and it was really busy," said Garcia.

But when it came time to collect, the girls were told that Yogurtland changed management hands and the deal was no longer on the table. They only raised about 55 dollars but that was besides the point.

"It wasn’t how much we were supposed to get it was that they took advantage of our girls," Garcia said.

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It wasn’t until KMIR got involved that the management team at Yogurtland suddenly changed their tune. The store supervisor called the principal at Shadow Hills High School and said the girls would get the money they helped to raise. It was another opportunity for KMIR to put your family first and keep the community honest.