Places To Go For The Super Bowl

Places To Go For The Super Bowl


La Quinta, CA

The Super Bowl is only two days away and sports bars across the valley are feeling the heat. Folks at the beer hunter in La Quinta will go through hundreds of pounds of meat. Now, that might sound like a lot but that pales in comparison to the countless burgers and wings that’ll be ordered across the valley on game day.

John Barber, owner of The Beer Hunter, says he and his crew are ready,

"It’s going to be a great game. We are looking for a great crowd and serving a lot of people that day."

Justin Hilton, the Executive Chef, says this weekend is going to get pretty chaotic.

"Just for this weekend, I’m going to prep around 300 pounds of burger meat. We’ll sell at least 600 burgers just for this weekend and for the Super Bowl. Plus the wings, definitely the wings are going to be a big one. I’m guessing we are going to do about 400 pounds of wings this weekend.""


John says that people will start getting to The Beer Hunter at around noon to watch the pregame and get a good feel of the buzz and the excitement.

"First come first served for seating and we just have a lot of great customers and loyal fans that come and it’s very communal. So, people are going to be cheering. It’s going to be loud and they will be enjoying our nachos and chicken wings and beers and just having a great time. Our capacity is about 200 people and we will be filled inside and out. Some will leave after the game, but we still have a packed house that will stay here for about an hour after the game. Kinda talk about what happened, the plays, the commercials, what happened after the game. We have 27 beers on tap and we’ll be cleaned out by Monday because it’s going to be a great weekend of people just eating and having a good time watching the game."


Nonetheless, regardless of how chaotic or loud it may get, John says he hopes every one has fun and that the Patriots take the win.

"We’re looking forward to it and we are excited. Well actually, Monday is a sad day for us because football is over, so…this is a great time to just enjoy a great season."

Other places to watch the Super Bowl are the following:

1. Lulu California Bistro in Palm Springs

2. Las Casuelas Terraza in Palm Springs

3. Village Pub in Palm Springs

4. Buffalo Wild Wings in Palm Desert

5. Plan B in Palm Desert