Bicyclist Killed in Tour de Palm Springs Route

Bicyclist Killed in Tour de Palm Springs Route


Indio Hills, CA

Tragedy strikes the 20th annual Tour de Palm Springs, at least one cyclist was killed and a second flown to a local hospital after a driver crashed into the riders just a couple of hours after starting the race. 

Sergeant Isaiah Kee with the California Highway Patrol said the accident happened on the tour’s 100 mile route close to 9:30 Saturday morning. 

"The vehicle behind me went into the west bound lane, entered the dirt shoulder where he lost control," Kee said. "The vehicle veered back to the right and struck two passing bicyclists."

The bicyclist were peddling through Dillon Road in Indio Hills and reaching Avenue 30 when the riders were hit. Kee said the driver suffered minor injuries and they are still investigating if whether D-U-I was a factor. 

Kee said, "Witnesses did place him at over 100 miles per hour and that information came from several other bicyclists,"

An old surface with no clear bicycle lanes make up Dillon Road, but Kee said, "In this situation the roadway had a long line of bicyclists so for a driver they should be able to see that they need to reduce their speed."

There were no clear signs of the event on Dillon Road, although Kee said a van with the tour trailed after the riders, but, "The issue was that I don’t know if the van was at a close proximity at the time of the traffic collision."

This is not the first fatal accident connected to Tour de Palm Springs. Back in 2014 a 55-year-old woman was hit by a truck in Thermal after CHP said she ran a stop sign.