Local Artists Reviving a Former Creative Haven

Local Artists Reviving a Former Creative Haven


Cathedral City, CA

Dozens of artists made the Cathedral City Cove their home through the 1930s, and now a group of desert artists are working to revive the former artistic hub.

Simeon Den is a photographer, dancer and art lover. He and his partner, Peter Palladino, are the current owners of the Agnes Pelton home. Pelton is known for her abstract desert landscape, she painted in her Cathedral City home over 70 years ago. 

Den said, "It was the center of an arts community and it was that history when she passed away, that history got lost."

Den and neighboring artists, are trying bring back the arts by opening their doors  to their homes and even workshops, "We are trying to do what she did and support local artists, we commission artists to do these murals."

A couple of streets over, local artists Robert E. Reeves explain to a group of visitors his process for creating his sculptors. 

Reeves said, "They have many questions, about the material, and how the different items are made and some have suggestions for things that I might do, which are really, very interesting."

And by bringing back the arts in their neighborhood, they hope to inspire a new generation of artists. 

Den said, "You cannot just read about it in a book, we are in a tribe, where you hand things down, so you hand things down, it is my responsibility to do that."

Through the Agnes Pelton Society, these artists are helping the community express their creativity through free art classes, and even scholarships for a Cathedral City High School graduate interested in pursuing his artistic talents.